Hi, I’m Steven Hart and I started Harts Wood Crafts in 1998  based in Chadderton, UK. I build guitars because it’s my passion, I dedicate myself to delivering nothing but the finest instruments I can, using rare and beautiful tone woods that are not typically found in most conventional builds. Spending a lot of time in the underground music community. I wanted to make extreme looking instruments, not necessarily an extreme shape but an extreme approach to the build of the guitar.

I always want to push the envelope, trying to redefine the boundaries of both electric guitar, bass as well as the occasional ukulele. I have a love for rare tone wood, that most people don’t even know exist, this results in breath taking instruments that truly catch the eye whilst maintaining quality tones that people actually want to use. I do this as an one man army, no machines cutting the body shapes or someone else doing the “slow” jobs, I take part in every step of the creation of your Guitar and by talking to me directly you are communicating with the right Man to make the changes. My main focus is building amazing custom instruments that are one of a kind, however due to my passion being in building I continue to experiment and build other unique shapes that can be purchased directly from our Shop. I aim for Harts Guitars to be a very unique brand. I will try to build nearly anything my customers can imagine. If you’ve always had a radical idea for a guitar or bass, I want to work with you in order to make your idea a reality. I get to push the boundaries and you get the instrument of your dream.