Adam Steel – Review of KT6 and CoolCat 5 String Fan Fret Bass

HOW TO ROCK is a series by Adam Steel, at the Hop Pole Studios in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Manchester, England.

On demo today are the Hart Guitars KT6 and a custom Fanned Fret 5-string bass. The playing’s not the tighest ever, but we just wanted to demo some bright, aggressive tones and smooth-playing solo stuff that this guitar was capable of.

Bass Tones are a darkglass B7K, through a Tech21 Landmark and SVT 810 cab.

Guitar tones are Kazrog Thermionik preamps, through a Peavey Windsor 120W EL34 power section, through a Zilla Fatboy with V30 and K100 speakers.

Hart Guitars Interview – Lee Roberts (Project 9)

We Sat down with Lee to discuss everything from Project 9, What he needs from a guitar, extended range guitars and what makes his Hart Drako Goliath 9 String Special

Joseph Parry –  Poplar Burl SG style 8 String guitar & Custom 5 String Bass

Here are some words from Joseph Parry:

“I just got endorsed by the most incredible guitar maker I’ve come across! His name is Steven Hart and the guy specialises in 6 – 9 string guitars.
He had a 7 string guitar lying around that he wanted to get rid of to make some more space so I was invited around to his house via a friend of mine to try out his stuff.
I was absolutely blown away, the guitar plays unlike anything else I have ever laid my hands on and I’ve played Fenders, Jacksons, Ibanez’s, BC Rich’s, Schecter’s, Gibson’s, Takamini’s, Martin’s etc… This is HANDS down the BEST guitar I’ve ever played.
The sustain is ridiculous, the action is jaw dropping, the tone is just out of this world and the guitar is so well made I feel like I could punch someone in the face with it and come out like nothing had ever happened.
This guy ships an average of 7 guitars a year at present so he has some room for custom builds, endorsements and commissions.”

Joseph Parry’s  latest Album (available now)